Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mark Webber insists he is not concerned by his age ? Formula 1 ...

Mark Webber insists he is not concerned by his age ? Formula 1 news

Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber has said that he is not concerned by his age and will stay in Formula 1 as long as he performs well.

Webber has been considered as one of the most hardworking and experienced drivers in the sport. However, being the oldest driver in the field, he is presently surrounded by a lot rumours that he should take retirement from F1.

Nonetheless, he has asserted that he has no plans to take retirement provided that he keeps up the level of his performance.

The Australian driver said that he knows very well that he has spent too many years in the sport and has almost reached the end of his career.

Furthermore, he said that he is very pleased with his performance in his career so far as he has fought well for the championship titles and has successfully created some of the most memorable moments which he will cherish in his life ahead.

?I'm not at the start of the career, I know that. I'm more towards the back end of my career,? Webber is quoted as saying by Autosport.

?My goal is to put together a campaign. I have fought for championships and I've had some good and very special memories over the past few years,? he said.

?Your peak is all relative. You've got to piece it all together,? the Aussie said.

Besides, he insisted that he wants to remain in the world of F1 until he can perform well. However, he said that he will surely leave the sport at the time when he will fail to deliver.

?And you've got to be honest with yourself and say 'look mate, it's the right time now' - and I don't think it is the right time now,? he added.

The 36-year-old has performed convincingly well in this season. He stood amongst the most consistent points scorers during the first few races. Conversely, he couldn?t attain results with consistency because of some technical issues in his car.

Nevertheless, he secured 6th position in the drivers? standings and stayed ahead of his main rival, Felipe Massa of Ferrari.


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