Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are rulebooks deadweight? Now, Delhi HC asks govt to derecognise Football Federation

Delhi High Court on Tuesday passed an interim order asking the government to derecognise the All India Football Federation(AIFF) for contravening the sports code.

The development comes as yet another major shocker for the Indian sports days after the International Olympic Committee(IOC) banned the Indian Olympic Association(IOA).

The high court deemed that the AIFF disregarded the sports code despite its order to follow the rules so it should be derecognised.

The immediate reason for the high court order was that the AIFF formed its electoral college after the date for finalising nominations had passed.

The AIFF also put a restriction on the number of years a person has to be part of the executive committee to contest for the top job. To make the matters worse, for anyone to file nomination, the AIFF said support of 10 members would be needed.

The high court action might be followed by imposition of sanctions on the AIFF by top world football body FIFA on the lines of how the IOC banned the IOA following the "government intervention".


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